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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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maybe you can burn some of that off by shopping. i'm going to have to do a lot of shopping. good morning. it is 4:30. you can see on live doppler, it is quiet, no need for wet weather gear no matter where you are going or coming from this morning. a little fog, novato quarter mile visibility. temperatures running from 38 in fairfield to 55 at half moon bay, 51 in san francisco, most of us in the 40s. by the afternoon, high clouds and sun low to mid 60s coast, mid 60s to low 70s bay upper 60s to near 70 inland. it is light this morning. very light. golden gate bridge virtually no cars coming into san francisco. good news, no fog at least on the golden gate or over the waldo. we'll be tracking traffic around the shopping mall, best buy in san rafael is busy stretch of 101 through there not so bad.
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san mateo bridge people are out towards foster city probably going shopping over there. we've got 87 past hp pavillion very light. we'll get back to but in a little bit. developing news in san rafael, police are investigating an early morning nightclub shooting that sent two to the hospital. it happened before 1:00 in morning at club 101 on west francisco boulevard and anderson drive near highway 101. the club was hosting a concert a disturbance inside spilled out into the parking lot. two people were taken to marin hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police and other agencies moved in quickly, several weapons were recovered. terry mcsweeney will have a live report from the scene coming up in 30 minutes. at least 10 residents of a san jose apartment complex will return today to see what
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is left after a fire last night left them hopeless. red cross is helping families from four units, two units destroyed by fire 8:30 last night, two other units unliveable due to water damage and lack of electric. firefighters say the flames broke out in a roof area possibly related to a fireplace. one man says he's thankful that a neighbor pounded on his door he was able to get his family and pets out safely. >> [ inaudible ] >> one fire captain was admitted to the medical center overnight for observation. it is black friday the day retailers hope will put green
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in their pockets, first official day of the holiday shopping season likely to mean packed malls and traffic back-ups, paragon out lefts in livermore -- outlets in livermore is where we find katie marzullo. good morning i hope you left your credit cards home. >> reporter: good morning they are safely locked away in the live van. tempting though the strangest feeling here to not be alone. take a look behind us at the shoppers as they come and go. there are so many people around and the lights are so bright it almost feels like high noon instead of 4:30 in the morning. it is moonlight madness, 130 stores here opened 10:00, last night. i talked to shoppers they say getting here was tricky, traffic backed up on the freeway. once they got here, all was fine, tons of overflow parking and they seem like they are
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having a good time shopping. >> honestly i didn't come looking for anything. i just walked away with good stuff, christmas presents. >> reporter: as another shopper told me he wind looking for anything in particular, his wife made him come but he did have an armful of bags. as for the deals things already discounted 2010 -- 20 too 65% according to paragon outlets merchants offering special once in a lifetime deals today in honor of black friday which technically started thursday. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> his wife made him come? that never happens to the rest of us. black friday shoppers out enforce to take advantage of those door busters, the midnight opening at best buy in pinole ended a week of
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camping to be first in line. there was extra security on hand to make sure shoppers didn't literally bust down the doors. managers say they can recall people camping out so long. the national retail federation expects 147 million americans to go shopping today that number down from last year when the figure was 220 million. unfortunately, waiting in line for a chance at holiday deals made one person snap. [ bleep ] >> that was in a sacramento kmart yesterday. the line formed hours before the opening many complained about a lack of security and stayed employees seemed unprepared for the early sale. >> aid
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>> the police were -- called to escort an angry woman out of a kmart in indiana yesterday. shoppers say kmart didn't have enough sale items so employees handed out rain checks. not too late to check out black friday deals before you head out. we've compiled a list of stores you can browse their sale ads on look under see it on tv. hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving, we sure did. let's check in with mike see what the weather is liked if for the shoppers. kind of chilly. breezy, half moon bay gusting up to 16. it does feel a little cooler than five if i five now. here's the storm -- 55 now. here's the storm track, rain around portland, seattle, today and tomorrow we are
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under high pressure throw to upper 40s mostly clear sky, sunny around 60 at noon, low 60s at 4:00 along the coast mid to upper 60s for the rest of us we'll fall back cool this evening if you have plans to be outside low to mid 50s. through the weekend into next week, tomorrow almost as warm as today, we'll hit near 70 away from the coast, top out in the mid 60s, low to upper 60s from the coast through the inland areas to the bay sunday, low to mid 60s for all of us monday. let's get a check of traffic. if you are working today coming into san francisco via the bay bridge good news, it is black friday light, there are folks coming into the city, delays on the upper deck towards treasure island. mass transit if you want to head to the malls and not drive, great way, parking is bumper-to-bumper and jammed up.
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bart is back on regular schedule, muni caltrain, everybody on regular schedule there is no ac, out of the central valley, golden gate ferries on holiday schedule, the buses are on regular schedule. same with vta and ac transit. light pull down in milpitas blocking landis off-ramp from northbound 680 crews on their way, you cannot use that ramp at this hour. 4:38. if you are a sports fan it is not only black friday, it is orange and black friday. how giants are helping fans get ready for next season. >> update on 49er quarterback smith and the quarterback controversy. smith's improving condition who is going to start? >> first, here's this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: shopping for mobile devices, tablets expected to be the most requested. the first one everyone thinks
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of is the ipad two models available full size and mini. tech editor stern says either is an excellent choice. >> apple still providing the best all around experience for tablets especially with the apps, they are quality and built for the tablet or big screen. >> reporter: if you are looking for a less expensive device, google nexus 7 tablet. apps aren't as good as the ipad's. for those who use tablets mainly for work, the choice is the new surface it comes with a keyboard built into its cover runs on
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welcome back. embarcadero center from our
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roof cam looking festive. right now in san francisco 51° mostly clear sky, a lot of 40s heading out to do shopping and fog around novato. warmer than average weather this afternoon and through the weekend. travel forecast coming up. it is not just black friday it is orange and black friday this morning at 10:00 the giants begin selling individual home game tickets for next season. last month the team brought home the world series trophy after sweeping the tigers. today fans can buy individual game tickets for next april, may and june, excluding opening weekend. first round of sales ends midnight december 24th, you can buy them online or in person at all giants' dug-out stores check the team website for individual store hours. this afternoon, 49er head coach harbaugh is expected to
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officially announce that quarterback colin kaepernick will start sunday in new orleans. espn reports smith has passed his final concussion test but kaepernick will still get the start sunday. despite the report the team says no decision has been made. san jose high school football player in fair condition after suffering a neck injury during yesterday's 70th annual game. san jose lineman espinoza had to be taken off the field by ambulance his so much said he suffered a neck stinger. san jose went into the game against lincoln undefeated this game was all lincoln 55-13, 15th straight win in the series. his family is calling it a thanksgiving miracle. young burlingame man who was in a coma after being shot in the head a month ago is beginning a remarkable recovery. vic lee witnessed it
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firsthand. a story own on 7. >> reporter: it was a saturday after halloween, still parties in the city. >> your son benjamin got shot and he's in the hospital. >> reporter: in the early morning hours of october 28 henry got the call every parent fears. his son was in the hospital in critical. his parents saw him wheeled into surgery. >> i just wanted to touch him and i couldn't. >> reporter: you remember that night? the 21-year-old was leaving a halloween party when a stranger made inappropriate advances toward his girlfriend. the man shot benjamin in the head after he went to her defense. at one point doctors said his brain wound was so severe they gave him only a 25% chance of living. he was in a medically induced
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coma almost a month. he was fighting for his life making small victories as they took his breathing tube off, he uttered his first words. >> i told him could you say hi mom. and i said hi mom. and that was -- brought when to tears. >> reporter: benjamin was transfered to uc, san francisco then another giant step, literally. the young man took his first steps. his nurse calls it miraculous. >> very amazing. pretty rare. he's pretty good fighter. >> ready to come home soon? get in your nice cozy bed. >> reporter: his close-knit family is enjoying tender moments optimistic he will recover fully. >> everyone misses your smile. >> we sold your truck. >> reporter: benjamin is able
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to smile at his brother's jokes. >> i look at him now he made it, he's strong. >> he's a miracle. definitely a miracle for thanksgiving. >> reporter: vic lee, abc7 news. >> 4:46. there's some real deals online and thanksgiving day shoppers are setting records online sales up 20% over last thanksgiving visits to retail sites are breaking records. almost 7 1/2 million pages a minute and 28.5 are using smartphones and tablets to do so. over 10% of traffic coming from. phones alone. i don't think your iphone going to get rained on. live doppler it is rather quiet, nice start to the morning albeit a little chilly,
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in the 30s and 40s, there you go, 38 fairfield, 41 napa and santa rosa to los gatos, 44 san rafael, san jose 42 livermore concord 49 in oakland and richmond mid 40s from redwood city towards mountain view. inland 53 in salinas. today sunny and warm, not only today, but tomorrow. slow cooling trend starts sunday through wednesday, wednesday night when it starts raining looks like a healthy rain for thursday and possibly friday, really good snow up in the sierra for next weekend's skiing. as far as what is happening today, that was yesterday, we'll move on hopefully you had a great time at the turkey trot. today 70° at livermore, san jose, oakland, fremont,
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santa rosa, cloverdale 71, 72 ukiah most of us in the mid to upper 60s maybe a few low 60s along the coast. high clouds a lot of sunshine. 68 monterey, low to mid 70s for santa cruz, inland to salinas. for tonight, temperatures mainly in the 40s, a few of us may have 30s, 51 in oakland, 53 san mateo, 54 in san francisco. high pressure dominating once again, very strong storm to the north that is going to ride the jet stream up into canada and clip possibly portland and seattle with heavy rain the next couple of days. still watching the tule fog plenty of it out there, it may slip into our neighborhoods as we head into tomorrow morning into sunday morning.
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monday and tuesday, temperatures back to average. wednesday night after the sunsets into thursday, our next best chance of rain it could be a soaker. hope you enjoy today. if you are heading up to the sierra, there are no chain requirements up and over donner summit or on 50 good time to head up, roads are clear. heading i-5 southern california, northern california, oregon all clear and over the grapevine as well in southern california. live look closer to home macarthur maze, light, no problems 80 either direction, 580 or 880 coming into the macarthur maze, no metering lights, quiet at the bay bridge and golden gate bridge, three lanes southbound, two lanes northbound, fog-free there. in milpitas northbound 68 ocalan disoff-ramp light pole cleared out of lanes. -- if you are driving now,
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here's a look at drive times heading up and over the altamont pass, highway 4 out of antioch into concord east shore freeway from the carquinez bridge into the macarthur maze, nice drive. next, toll makers will soon be a thing of the past at the golden gate bridge. what you need to know. u.s. postal service is about to join the internet age. national experiment begins in the bay area next month.
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welcome back. mike is getting your forecast together so you can get out and shop. >> you may need a heavy coat this morning maybe shortsleeves later this afternoon. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning, looking down on sausalito to san francisco, prominently sticking up there the four
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buildings in the embarcadero center now they have the lovely lights on they opened last week with the skating rink you can almost see all the way down to the san mateo bridge. let's talk about traveling today in case you are going out and about. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd, also all of our regional dopplers around the state quiet out there. if you are traveling low to mid 60s around eureka, chico, sacramento, 67°. tahoe today -- low to mid 80s los angeles and palm springs, 73 in san diego. tahoe they are making snow in the morning but quiet this afternoon and through the weekend low 50s today to mid 50s saturday and sunday. as you head to yosemite, temperature 52 after a cool start tomorrow morning. look at that warming trend, 65 by sunday, if you are hanging
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in l.a., we are going to stay in the low to mid 80s through the weekend. one more stop, here's a look at some of the flights and how they are being affected this morning. every major airport, green even seattle and portland with the rain and lack of cloud cover here, we are going to be doing fine. safe travels. 87 in san jose, light, 17, 880 around santana row no back-ups. san mateo bridge in the westbound direction tail lights towards foster city looking good, stoneridge mall in pleasanton or the mall in newark area, newpark mall, hayward light traffic by all of that. if you want to avoid parking at the mall, all bart, muni on a saturday schedule, caltrain no delays, great way to take
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mass transit this morning. 4:55. part of san francisco's ocean beach remains closed following wednesday's sewage spill along the great highway between fulton and balboa. pedestrians can walk along the promenade or water's edge. the water is gone now but the smell still remains. no word on when the area will be declared safe. cash is king but not for long on the golden gate bridge. come march next year 14 remaining human toll takers will be gone and you will have to pay electronically. drivers can pay by using fastrak or having the toll fewed to their license plate or one-time payment online or at a kiosk. -- otherwise a camera will take a picture of license plate and send the bill. the district says the move
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will save millions and the hope is traffic will move better than ever. u.s. postal service has picked san francisco as a starting point for a new service for internet shoppers like amazon and the post plans same-day delivery or online purchases it starts in san francisco december 12th at about $10 if it works it will expand to boston, chicago and new york. south bay high school students took part in major thanksgiving tradition. the saratoga ban took part in the macy's parade yesterday. they to get up for a two hour practice march at 3 a.m. before getting their big moment in the spotlight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> estimated four million people lined that route in manhattan.
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the school spent $150,000 to buy -- sues phones for the band -- >> next, late night shooting at north bay nightclub. terry mcsweeney will have a live report. big black friday turnout around the bay area with many checking out livermore's new high end outlet.
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good friday morning the day%#vpw after thanksgiving thak you for waking up and joining us after all that turkey and stuff,


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